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Company History


The founder of Tung Hing, Lim Po Tung, Tony graduated with a Electronic and Electrical Engineeringdegree in Hong Kong Polytechnic University.


Tony founded Eastern Travel and Investment Co., and started the first wiring business when attending a trade show in Guangzhou, where Mr. Lim imported a variety of International electrical and signaling cables for customers in Hong Kong


Eastern Travel and Investment Co. has been renamed to Tung Hing Instruments Co., which focuses on the import and export of electrical appliances between China and Hong Kong.


Our product coverage has been extended to measuring instruments, scales and weights, multimeters and other appliances.


The office has been relocated to Beverley Commercial Centre in Tsim Sha Tsui.


Experimentally imported certain testing instruments from Japan. Further imported some LED boards from Shinetsu for Chinese customers.


Developed the torpedo radar system for Shanghai Marine Instrument Co.,Ltd., and the system was successfully exported to Perth of Australia.


Implemented the Mitsubishi heavy industry piledriver solution for the port of Shanghai.


Implemented the entire electric control tower of Metropark Lido Hotel in Beijing


Expanded product scope to the CNC, and successfully imported and implemented a control system for Ningxia Machine Tool corporation


Partnered with China Petroleum and China chemical to provide import and export services


Expanded line of products to European and American brands, important customers include CATIC, China Great Wall Industry Corporation and China Machinery Import & Export General Company


Headquarter relocated to Proficient Industrial Centre in Kowloon Bay.

Tung Hing becomes an official distributor of Mitsubishi Electric Automation.


Attended the Intenational Automation Exhibition in Beijing on June 4th.


Setup a regional office in Guangzhou Huatai hotel.

Setup an automation division in China Great Wall Computer Group Co., Ltd and became the official automation consultant.


Sold a significant amount of F-40MR PLC to customers in a Sichuan Automation Fair.

Developed partnership with Mr. Liu of Das Intellitech (former Yangguang Intelligent Machine Co.), and sold automation products in the southern China region.

Partnered with Central South University and introduced the A0J2CPU to be the primary curriculum in their automation division.


Developed partnership with multiple state-owned companies in Shanghai to distribute Mitsubishi and other automation products


Setup Keling Technology Ltd. in Wuhan


Formed a reserach team with Shanghai Instruments and Apparatuses Institute (SIPAI)

Setup Das Automation with Mr. Liu


Setup a joint-venture company, Dongyi Automation Technology Ltd., with SIPAI

Developed the full manufacturing line for Shanxi Jingwei Textile Machinery


Setup the communication and signaling system in Hong Kong MTR Chai Wan station

Setup Shanghai Xingdong Mechanic Ltd.


Invested into TsingDao Keling and started selling in North China.

Setup Wuhan Dongling Elevator Ltd.

Das Intellitech becomes an official FA Center of Mitsubishi


Partnered with Henan Bafang Ltd


Setup Tung Hing Wuhan subsidiary, which becomes an official FA center in the same year.

Setup Tung Hing Computer Systems Ltd. in Hong Kong.

Setup Grand Union Ltd. in Hong Kong.


Setup Tung Hing Shenzhen subsidiary (Xingdong Mechatronic)

Setup Tung Hing Shanghai subsidiary (Dongbo Automation)


Setup Sheng'an Mechanical & Electrical Equipment (Shenzhen) Ltd. Co.

Setup Tung Hing Enterprise Macau Commercial Offshore Ltd.


Setup Shanghai Dong Jing Automation System Ltd.


Becomes an official distributor of Mitsubishi CNC products


Setup Tung Hing Dalian branch


Setup Aohai Automation Ltd. in Shenzhen

Setup a joint-venture company, Rockstar Automation, with Das Intellitech.


Setup Beijing Willtech Ltd.

Setup Dongxing Shanghai Ltd, which acts at the Chinese headquarter of Tung Hing.

Relocated to 401 Cao Bao Road.


Developed the first eF@ctory solution in China with Boston Power.


Sold 2000 sets of CNC to Foxconn for the production of iPhone 4S. This is the single largest sales in Mitsubishi Automation history.

Das Intellitech IPO in Shenzhen stock exchange.


Setup Rockstar Automation Hong Kong.

Setup The-creation Shenzhen Ltd., which business is focused on POS terminal system.


Setup L2F Inc. in Fremont, California, which extends Tung Hing's reach to the USA.

Implemented Kingdee ERP system - EAS - as a way to organize the supply chain and finance with the growing business


Relocated Sheng'an Mechanical & Electrical Equipment (Shenzhen) Ltd. Co. to Changdu

Donated a generous amount to the Changdu government after the R6.1 earthquake which destroyed the home of 570k people

Tung Hing Chongqing becomes the sole distributor in Chongqing


Relocated the Shenzhen headquarter to 30/F of Daqing building.

Developed a buffing solution for A-company to polish their newly released watches. Developed a patented pressure control system during the laboratory stage.


Using the special pressure control system to develop the DJ-RAP series Robot Polisher, the first product manufactured by Tung Hing alone

Becomes the sole distributor of VFD in southern China


Formed an alliance with Suzhou SiFO to co-develop L2F Inc.

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