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Robot Polisher

Hong Kong Patent No.: HK1226243

China Patent No.: 201611078196.1

Machine Features:​

  • Accurate and constant pressure control with high-speed response (~10ms)

  • Quick design by using a 3D-laser-scanner to determine the Robot polishing path

  • Auto abrasive compensation for the buffing wheel

  • Micro-adjustment of the buffing path via the pressure control mechanism

  • Customized control equipment such as Robot, CNC or Motion, according to user’s budget

With our patented pressure control system, Tung Hing's puffing/polishing machines can provide high precision control with a reaction time of less than 10ms. With the assistant of a robust robotic arm, our machines are able to polish products with exotic shapes at the most stable and reliable pressure.

Buffing Machine - DJ-RAP series


China Patent No.: 201611078196.1

Hong Kong Patent No.: HK1226243

European Patent No.: 17871008.3
US Patent No.: 16/094,094

Japan Patent No.: 2019-501773

Polishing Watches

Sample polished products

Machine Spec:​

  • Pressure control reaction time: 10ms

  • Pressure control range: 0-400N

  • Pressure control sensitivity: 0.2N

  • Max polishing wheel speed: 3000 RPM

  • Max product rotation speed (gripper): 600 RPM

  • Max product weight: 50kg

  • Applicable Materials: Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Graphite

  • Applicable Products: Watches, phones, cooking ware, water faucet, silverware, graphite die, metal mold

Polishing Cooking Pot - from brown to shiny silver

Polishing iPhone 6S Cases

Polishing Graphite Die

Polishing Water Faucet

Polishing LG Phone Cases

Please Contact Us

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Phone: (+852) 2756-5118

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Office Hour:
9:00am - 6:00pm (Mon-Fri)
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Machine Design Drawing

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