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Big Congratulations to Roy Lim for receiving the Young Industrialist Awards of Hong Kong (YIAH)

On Nov 8, Tung Hing Enterprise's vice president, Roy Lim, has received the honorable Young Industrialist Awards of Hong Kong. Roy is the first recipient of the award coming from the Automation industry. The judging panels commented that Roy is a visionary who sets up an automation-based startup company in Silicon Valley, and a forward-thinking individual who invented a polishing machine with great potential to meet niche market needs.

After earning three Bachelor degrees and a Master degree in Computer Engineering, and working as a programmer for 4 years in USA, Mr Lim returned in 2011 to join Tung Hing Automation. In the face of slowing growth within the Company, Mr Lim’s first challenge was to steer the Company in a new direction to help it regain momentum. Firstly, Mr Lim developed an ERP system to streamline the business processes. Secondly, by reorganising the technical personnel and increasing the Company’s R&D investments, Mr Lim led Tung Hing to embark on new technological advancements. Various products of cutting-edge technologies have been developed; from A.I. manufacturing solutions to innovative robotic products, the R&D efforts have brought new impetus to Tung Hing.

By shifting the Company’s direction from distribution to self-developed patented products, Mr Lim created new income streams and significant profit margins gain. With the bright future of emerging automation market in China, Mr Lim unfolded a new chapter of Tung Hing in implementing new industrial reforms under the Made in China 2025 Initiative. Under his management, the Company’s turnover has recorded a remarkable surge from HK$720 million in 2011 to HK$1.3 billion in 2016.

In 2012, Mr Lim set up L2F Incorporation, a Tung Hing subsidiary in USA, which is a system integration company focusing on developing high-tech automation solutions. L2F’s grit and high-flying profile have earned challenging contracts from customers such as Tesla, SpaceX and Apple, and its revenue has multiplied by 17 times in 3 years. Middleby, the largest food machinery company in USA, has acquired L2F for nearly HK$100 million in October 2017. Mr Lim will serve as the Chief Representative of the Asia-Pacific region following the acquisition.

Compassionate and conscious about the community, Mr Lim is an active individual who makes continuous contributions to the society. In response to a fatal dust explosion in a factory in Kunshan, China, in 2014, Mr Lim sought to develop a pressure-constant smart polishing machine, which could outperform humans and thus eliminate dangerous works. The outcome, named DJ-RAP, was a technological breakthrough and huge success, and was later exhibited at Industrial Automation Shenzhen 2017 and China International Industry Fair 2017.

In his personal life, Mr Lim regularly volunteers in charitable musical activities organised by the Diocesan Boys’ School Alumni Orchestra and the Sheng Kung Hui. Mr Lim is also an active member of a local a cappella group which performs for charitable causes, and has helped to raise over HK$1 million in the past few years for various non-profit organisations in need.

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