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Tung Hing Automation wins 2 golds in Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions 2021

The results of 2021 Special Edition of the Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions (the “2021 Exhibition”) was announced on 22 March. Tung Hing Automation's “Electrically-Assisted Free Forming (EAFF) Technology for Customization of Sheet Metal Parts” was awarded the prestigious Gold Medal with Congratulations of the Jury (GCJ) whilst the “Smart Pressure Control Polishing Machine (DJ-RAP)” received a Gold Medal

About 600 inventions from 20 countries and regions were judged on the online platform and only 20 of them were awarded the GCJ award.

Traditional sheet metal pressing requires a large, precisely made mold for shaping. However, the process of making such molds is expensive and time-consuming. With our EAFF machine, the sheet metal is gradually deformed into the designed three-dimensional shape by two co-operating six-axis manipulators running on the two sides of the sheet metal which has been connected with electric current and following a pre-set track, it is especially suitable for manufacturing sheet metal with small batch production and complex shapes.

Traditional manual polishing methods cannot guarantee the accuracy and consistency of finished products. DJ-RAP polishing machine tackled the unsolved problem of rapid pressure control during the polishing process, and is able to follow the processing path precisely. The path fits the curves of the part precisely, and the pressure control automatically adjust to minor inconsistencies, to create perfectly polished finishing. Our polishing machine solves the problem of keeping constant pressure, and allow variable pressure control in the rapid polishing process. Our invention is the only polishing machine that can react to pressure fluctuation within 10ms, and thus able to keep the pressure constant.


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