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IoT Applications for a Smarter World

We hear mentions of "IoT" -- the Internet of Things -- all the time, but just how exactly can IoT make our world smarter? Below are just some examples of IoT's applications:

Smart City

Smart Parking

Monitor parking-space availability and notify drivers.

Structural Health

Monitor structural and material conditions (e.g. through vibration sensors) in buildings and infrastructures.

Noise Monitoring

Monitor noise pollution from entertainment or traffic heavy districts in real time.

Device Detection

Detect smart phones or in general devices with WiFi or Bluetooth.

EM Field Levels

Measure the energy level of EM wave radiated by broadcast stations & routers.

Traffic Monitoring

Monitor traffic & pedestrian flows, detect congestion and optimize driving routes.

Adaptive lighting

Weather adaptive street lights.

Waste Management

Trash-level monitoring in containers and buildings, optimizing trash collection route & schedule.

Intelligent Highways

Warning messages & diversions based on weather conditions, accidents, and congestion.

Smart Grid

Power, water supply & consumption monitoring and management.

Solar Power

Monitor & optimize output of solar power panels.

Smart Home

Smart Meters

Monitor and log power, water, and gas consumption.

Smart Appliances

Switching appliances on and off remotely.

Home Security Systems

Intrusion detectors linked to alarms and security providers.


Forest Monitoring

Growth monitoring, disease and forest fire detection.

Pollution Monitoring

Monitor CO2 and toxic gas emissions from factories, vehicles, farms and landfills, and hazardous material leakage / factory waste in rivers.

Landslide & Avalanche Prevention

Monitor soil moisture, snow level & vibrations to detect potentially dangerous slope conditions.

Security & Emergencies

Earthquake Early Warning Systems

Distributed tremor sensors -> control center -> devices & smartphones

Flood Early Warning

Monitor water level in dams, reservoirs, lakes & rivers.

Access Control

Control access to restricted areas and detect trespassers.

Radiation Level Warning Systems

Distributed sensors in and near nuclear power plants and radioactive waste storage areas.

Hazardous Material Leakage Warning

Distributed sensors to detect hazardous chemicals or gas in and near factories and mines.


Storage level monitoring

Monitor levels of liquid and gas in storage tanks.

Silo storage monitoring

Monitor level or weight of stored goods.

Liquid Presence

Detect liquids at sensitive locations such as server-rooms to prevent accidents and outage.

Supply Chain Monitoring

Track products & raw materials along the supply chain, and monitor storage conditions such as temperature.

Smart Factory

Monitor conditions of machines & manufacturing processes, receive early warnings / alerts and remotely make adjustments as necessary.


NFC Payment

Already in wide use. IoT would allow for even easier integration & deployment.

Sales Monitoring and Auto-restock

Monitor sales of goods in-store, and automatically request restock from warehouses.


Moisture Control

Monitor soil moisture and remote-control irrigation.

Smart Green-houses

Monitor & remote control temperature & moisture inside green houses

Weather Station Network

Distribution weather stations in fields to monitor & forecast hazardous conditions e.g. frost, drought, flooding.

Hydroponic Farm

Monitor & control growth conditions to optimize crop yield.

Livestock Tracking

Locate & track animals grazing in pastures.

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